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Illustrating Keats: Images from the Poetry

The Illustrating Keats exhibition catalogue contains the 22 full-colour reproductions of the images featured in the exhibition along with 10 exclusive images of alternate pages of the books. Accompanying texts by museum curator Giuseppe Albano and artist Nancy Watkins explore the relationship between Keats's textual art and the visual art it has inspired.

55 pp. 25x35cm


Keats-Shelley House Press

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15,00 €


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Price: 25,50 €
On He Flared: Essays on Four Letters of John Keats
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Replica of Fanny Brawne's Engagement Ring
Price: 150,00 €
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Romantic Cat - Siamese
Price: 35,00 €
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Romantic Cat - Sphinx
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Romantic Cat - White
Odes for John Keats - Keats-Shelley200
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Keats-Shelley House Canvas Bag (Urn)
Price: 12,00 €
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Keats-Shelley House Coasters
Price: 8,50 €
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Keats-Shelley House Colored Pens (blue ink)
Price: 2,50 €
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Keats-Shelley House Wax Seal Sticker
Price: 1,20 €
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Keats-Shelley200 bag
Price: 12,00 €